Music Video Question - Rewrite

Explain how representations in music videos are chosen to promote the artist(s). 

Refer to one of the music videos you have studied to support your answer.

Rewrite your original response. Refer to the annotation on your answers and your notes from the whole class feedback.

Green pen notes:
  • Use the key words from the question
  • Use capital letters
  • Refer to intertextuaity (use terminology)
  • Homage (terminology)
  • Refer to 'the street'
  • Animation/ stop motion
  • Abstract (a good word to use)
  • Use paragraphs
  • Trip hop (Massive Attack's genre at the time)
  • 'Normal' - what do you mean? Explain yourself clearly with references to the text.
  • Use textual references to iluminate the points you make.
  • Continuous tracking shot
  • Refer to shots, editing, camera work
  • Size 10-12 text
  • Explain who the audience are.