Introduction to Production

A production portfolio will showcase your creative skills. As part of the course, you will complete a production project that will require you to plan, produce and evaluate an original product. To showcase what you know about the conventions of print advertising, you were tasked to create a preliminary advertising poster at the end of last term.
In preparation for the non-exam assessment part of the course you are going to develop your preliminary production ideas. First you will be required to evaluate the positives and negatives of your initial ideas. Today's task gets you to do that and document your findings on your blog. You will get feedback on this and your work must be posted by your next advertising lesson.

Task: Upload a PDF of your group's preliminary advert and evaluate how successful your product is. You must post your print advert along with a short pitch including the following:
  • An outline of your product and your chosen marketing strategy (for example: where will your advert appear and why will that be successful)
  • The basic elements of your ideas (slogan and maybe what you intend it to suggest to the audience)
  • Your intended target audience
  • What professional adverts have you taken inspiration from and why
You must then evaluate what makes your advert successful and comment on any improvements you feel you should make.
  • How have you have used print advertising conventions effectively, using media terminology (for example; layout, typography, use of language, use of images)
  • How you have used media language elements to create meaning and construct representations that address your intended audience
  • Any elements of intertextuality (references to other cultural messages or media products within your advert)
You have two hours to complete this task (today's lesson and an hour's independent study time at home).