Marketing Fashion

Preliminary Production Project: Print

You work for an in-house print production company within an advertising agency. You have been given the task of producing a campaign of two '6-sheet' billboard posters to promote a new clothing range from Fair Trade Fashion, an existing agency client.

Summary of brief requirements:

  • Statement of Intent (approx 350 words)
  • Billboard posters: The client has insisted that each poster must have a different main image, with at east two different locations and at least two different locations used across your posters.
  • Location of posters: Content must be suitable for public transport locations (bus stops, underground stations etc.).
  • Client target audience: 16-25 AB demographic.
All Fair Trade Fashion's clothing ranges are ethically sourced and Fair Trade Fashion has specified that this must be a key part of the campaign in addition to 'selling' the clothes themselves.
Your finished realisations of the two billboard posters must be presented as two A4 size posters in portrait layout.

Both poster adverts must adhere to to rules of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Today's Pre-production Research Task: Look at how high street fashion brands use marketing campaigns to promote their products. Research how these companies brand and market their own clothing.