Improving Your Essay

In today's lessons you will make improvements to your essay.

Step 1. Update your YR12 tracker with your CWA grade from the essay.

0-19 = U
20-24 = E
25-29 = D
30-34 = C
35-39 = B
40-50 = A

Step 2. Read the whole class advice ppt and identify audience and distribution pattern.
Step 3. Re-write your essay directly onto your blog ensuring that you have responded to your targets.
Step 4. Post onto blog for me to re-mark.
Step 5. Scan in your first draft and post to your blog.
Step 6. Await new grade

Improving your essay - AS Media Aud and Inst from Mr Smith


Where can I find evidence? Your 100 facts blog post and this teaching blog!

Where can I see an example of two TOP B grade responses? HERE

What terminology should I use?
  • Production practices
  • distributed
  • audiences engage
  • distribution and marketing strategies
  • facilitating or challenging institutional practices
  • success or failure
  • synergy
  • cross media or digital initiatives
  • specific audiences