First Draft Feedback

To help you improve and make progress, here is some additional guidance. Look back at your feedback from your teacher (and also reflect on your own work) and identify what is missing from your magazine. Create a flat plan which incorporates all these elements (where appropriate) to avoid making the mistakes of your first draft.
  • Headline a phrase that summarises the main point of the article. Headlines are in large print and different style in order to catch the attention of the reader.
  • Standfirst block of text that introduces the story, normally in a style different to the body text and headline.
  • Byline the line above the story, which gives the author’s name and sometimes their job and location (known as the dateline).
  • Page furniture : everything on the page except pictures or text of stories.
  • Imprint : In a magazine this tends to be a larger section where key members of staff are credited (consider.
  • Pull quote a quote from the story that is enlarged and appears within the text.
  • Crosshead bolded/large text that breaks up a long story.
  • Sidebar this is a panel or box on a page containing graphics or other information about an article. It is eye-catching and breaks the story up into different elements.
  • Caption a brief description of a photograph or graphic.
  • Standalone Picture story that can exist on its own or on a front page leading to a story inside.
Also look at all the examples above. They are all A grade pieces of work.