Create A CD Cover

  1. Make two CD covers (follow the instructions below). 
  2. Save as a jpeg and email to or
CD Cover Activity
  • Choose two different music artists and make two CD covers. 
  • These can be for existing albums or for ones you have invented yourself. 
  • One must include an image of the artist (see example below for American rapper Kanye West).
  • One must not include an image of the artist (see example above for American punk band Sonic Youth).

PHOTOSHOP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I find it?

In the start menu, select - all programmes - common programmes - Adobe Production Premium - PhotoShop (64bit)

How do I get started?

In the upper left select - file - new

What page size do I need?

CD covers are SQUARE, alter the height and width to 120mm
Ensure the colour mode is 8bit, the resolution is 300 and the background colour is white.

How do I add an image?

You should have been able to save your image from google. In the upper left select - file - open and locate the image you downloaded. The image will appear in a new tab, DO NOT PANIC, pull the tab down by pressing and holding the left mouse button until it appears in front of your white square tab, next press shift + v to drag and drop the image onto your white square tab

The Image doesn't fill the square!

Press ctrl + t, now press and hold shift, pinch the corner of the image (and only the corner) and stretch it until it fills the space. You can use the move tool (shift v) to align it properly.

How do I add text?

On the left hand side it a T, click on the T and then draw a text box where ever you wish. Type the name of your band and select a font and a size just as you would do on word.

Why doesn't it look quite right?

In really, really basic terms, design is about symmetry. Try and imagine your CD cover is divided equally into thirds, in 2 of these thirds something 'different' should be happening to the remaining third. Try and align yours along these principles.