TV Dramas

Halt and Catch Fire (Amazon) - the early 80s, the advent of personal computers and hard core punk on the soundtrack. What more could you want?

Stranger Things (Netflix) - a sci-fi series that borrows heavily from films of the 80s. Brilliant acting, a great script and an ominous synth soundtrack.

Daredevil (Netflix) -  a intelligent, adult and bone-crushingly violent reboot of the Marvel comic book character. Makes recent cinematic Marvel efforts look pathetic.

Mr Robot (Amazon) - computers again - this time hackers plotting the downfall of 'The Man'. A brilliantly unreliable main character who is a delusional drug addict. Compelling and at times awkward watching.

Preacher (Amazon) - a version of a little known comic book character. All the sex, religion and drugs you need in one place. Great soundtrack too.

Favourite albums 2016

Frank Ocean - Blonde - 17 songs of postmodern r 'n' b. One of the best songwriters in the world at the peak of his artistic powers.

Field Music - Commontime - more art rock? avant rock? indie whatever from the Brewis brothers. Whatever it is, it's brilliant. Even Prince liked it.

Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon - Same Language, Different Worlds - a stunning piece of work from Tim and one of Arthur Russell's key collaborators. The best thing Mr Burgess has ever done.

BADBADNOTGOOD - IV - album number 4 from the musical prodigies. Lavender with Kaytranada is a particular standout track.

Whitney - Light Upon The Lake - slacker indie brilliance from ex Smith Western and Unknown Mortal Orchestra band members. A short collection of short songs - never a bad thing, especially when the songs are this good.

Favourite recent films

John Wick - hitmen, gun-fu, Keanu.
Drive - gangsters, revenge, postmodern.
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night - a vampire, Iran, mesmerising.
Deadpool - messed up, funny, ultra-violent.
The Revenant - gritty, disturbing, a bloody great big bear.

5 Comedians

Louis C.K.
Bill Hicks
Stewart Lee
Josie Long
Daniel Kitson

5 Favourite Albums (All Time)

  1. Panda Bear-Tomboy (2011)-a heady mix of reverb, woozy synths, droning kraut-surf-ambient-pop with lyrics that almost make heart-breaking sense. A modern classic. (Key Tracks-Last Night At The Jetty & Scheheradze)
  2. Can-Ege Bamyasi (1972)-the most streamlined, funky, gritty work from these free-form, jamming, krautrock masters. They even had a hit single in Germany. (Key Tracks-Vitamin C & Sing Swan Song)
  3. Beach House-Bloom (2012)-Songs about uncertainty, doubt and feeling beaten down by the world. It's also ethereal and angelic, the sort of music to inspire vivid dreams. (Key Tracks-Myth & The Hours)
  4. Prince-Parade (1986)-12 tracks of a genius at work/play. Some songs are little more than one man demos and none the worse for it. (Key Tracks-Mountains & Kiss)
  5. Japan-Gentlemen Take Polaroids (1980)-Cult British singer David Sylvian's first band. 8 tracks containing the sort of idiosyncratic vision you don't find too often: swooning,hyper-elegant and polished. (Key Tracks-Gentlemen Take Polaroids & Taking Islands In Africa)