The Big Issue: Example Question

Analyse why The Big Issue magazine has used an intertextual approach to the referendum on its front cover.

How does intertextuality create meaning in this source?
  • Use of Abba reference (Swedish pop group)
  • Use of Personality (Nicola Sturgeon, David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.)
  • Use of images
  • Use of text
Make judgements and reach a conclusion about the advantages of this use of intertextuality to The Big Issue magazine.

Class notes

The cover references:

  • The EU referendum 23rd June 2016 (Brexit) - Magazine is dated June 13-19 2016
  • David Cameron Conservative - Prime Minister - Remain
  • Nigel Farage UKIP (UK Independence Party) - Leave
  • Boris Johnson Conservative - Leave
  • Nicola Sturgeon -SNP (Scottish Independence Party) - Remain
  • ABBA - Swedish pop group
  • ABBA song titles and partial song lyrics are used on the cover
  • Ballot box
  • Ballot paper
  • Disco ball globe
  • Sparkly 1970s disco background