Representation of Disabilty-The Street (12C MS1)

Film 4 Revision

12A & 12C Essay

3D Movies Run Amok: A Fad That Should Stop… But Won’t

IMAX: definition

The growth of IMAX and it's convergence with Warner Bros.

4D Film

G322 Audience and Institution

12A & 12C ESSAY

TV Drama Guidance from the exam board

Case Studies-Production and Distribution

Representation of Ethnicity-Hotel Babylon (12D)

Representation Of Gender-Primeval

Representation of Class-Monarch Of The Glen

Half-Term Homework: Media Convergence Essay (12A & 12C)

The Hunger Games Presentation by Holly Armitage (12A)

Film Editing

12A & 12C Case Study

Sound Terminology (12D)

The 7 Areas Of Representation

Above The Line & Below The Line Advertising

Understanding Filmmaking-12A &12C

Working Title-20 Questions

Film 4

Advantages and disadvantages of new technology in production

New Technologies example

Selected Key Terms for Institutions and Audiences - The Film Industry

Editing Techniques

Representation Of Gender

Rankin: covers portfolio

Magazine covers-Raygun

Guinness surfer presentation