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Les Misérables Presentation (Jojo Downing)

Class & Status - Downton Abbey

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Synergy and Cross Media Convergence

AS Coursework Schedule 2014-2015

12X Film Case Study

12W Film Case Study

Edge Of Tomorrow Official Main Trailer

Representation of Age

Essay Question 12W and 12X

The Grand Budapest Hotel Presentation

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Charlotte Hull)

Guardian Infomania: James Bond

The Big Six

The Grand Budapest Hotel Research

One Woman, 17 British Accents

Cross Media Convergence and Synergy in Film Industry

The Grand Budapest Hotel: "He's a Concierge!"

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Meet the Cast of Characters

The Grand Budapest Hotel Featurette: "Creating a Hotel"

The Grand Budapest Hotel Research

Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel': 5 Ways Marketing Was Key

15 Absolutely Necessary Ingredients For Making A Wes Anderson Film

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Trailer

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Trailer

Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) Trailer

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) Trailer

Rushmore (1998) Trailer

Representation of Regional Identity

Representation Of Gender

Gender Stereotypes

12Y The Gaze Music Videos

Interstellar (2014) Trailer

Avengers Assemble Research Groups 12W

Avengers Assemble Research Groups 12X

Emma Watson UN Speech

The Male Gaze

The Male Gaze: Images

The Male Gaze-Millie Leader

Majorie Ferguson Gaze Theory (Magazines)

The Male Gaze-Wonderbra Cadbury Spoof and Original Version

Dredd: Example Essay (Lauren Bolton)

Essay: Why Did Dredd Flop At The Box Office?

Dredd Research Task

Common Stereotypes Task (12Y)

Representation Task: Skins (12Y)