Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Exam Board Exemplars

This magazine is a level 4 (54/60). Hopefully this will make most of you feel more confident about the work that you are designing. Please note (on the cover): the slightly too small masthead, the slightly too big barcode, the spelling mistake on apocalypse (spelt apocolypse) and the less than accomplished layout.

If you use this a guide to a level 4 then most of you will match, if not exceed this in terms of quality.

The other marks are: BUZZ 45/60 top level 3. GHR 25/60 low level 2. DubZone 24/60 low level 2


Ryuko Tsushin


Your Update

You have two lists to make:
  1. What I have achieved since receiving my feedback last week/ What I have done in the last week.
  2. What I will do over the next week/ What I hope to achieve in the next seven days.
Keep updating your blog. Keep posting the changes you make to the magazine package. Post as you go along, don't save the work as a draft to be posted later.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

12C Work

I'm absent today. The work is on the schedule. Make sure you look at each other's work and leave suitable comments. this will help towards audience feedback and peer assessment.

Anyone awaiting feedback from me will be given it on Wednesday.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Magazine Playlist

Compose a playlist of songs that best represent the influences, ideas, style, genre, mood, aesthetics, vision etc of your magazine. This is an extra task that will be useful as an element that helps secure full marks for research and planning and as a piece of creativity you will refer to again in year 13. If you can, make a cover and  when you've compiled your mix either burn to CD or upload to Mediafire or Souncloud .

This is an example from the band Parquet Courts, they've used it to describe their influences (same thing you're being asked to do):

SIDE A 1.Blitz- “New Age 2.Cheveu- “Herman Choune” 3.Thanksgiving- “Where You Live” 4.Ol’ Dirty Bastard- “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” 5.Napalm Death- “You Suffer” 6.Brian Eno- “Taking Tiger Mountain” 7.Neil Young- “Harvest” 8.The Fall- “Paint Work” 9.Man Is the Bastard- excerpt from Reality #2 Comp (Slap-A-Ham) 10.Faust- “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl” 11.Saccharine Trust- “A Human Certainty” 12.Daft Punk- “Make Love”
SIDE B 1.GG Allin- “Carmelita” 2.Mike Jones- “Got it Sewed Up” from “The Day Hell Broke Loose 2″ 3.Sonic Youth- “She’s In a Bad Mood” 4.Dire Straits- “So Far Away” 5.Bob Dylan- “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” 6.Adolescents- “Kids of the Black Hole” 7.Pavement- “Price Yeah” 8.Butthole Surfers- “Creep in the Cellar” 9.Country Teasers- “Panic Holiday” 10.Beat Happening- “Nancy Sin” 11.Guided By Voices- “Jabberstroker” 12.Dead Kennedys- “Moon Over Marin