Thursday, 28 April 2016

Representation Of Ethnicity

The People vs OJ Simpson.

Click the image to watch the clip from episode 9.

Start at 22 mins and end at 27.05

Watch the clip at least 4 times and make notes on the four areas of representation, to answer this question:

Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of ethnicity using the following:
  • Camera shots, movement, angles, composition
  • editing
  • sound
  • mise-en-scene

 Reminders of stereotypes for ethnicity:
  • dangerous
  • exotic
  • pitied
  • humourous
  • 'mystical negro' stereotype
  • irrational (not reasoning, and easily led by their emotions)
  • lustful
  • not usually powerful in society

  • academic/scholarly
  • wise
  • respectful


Unity and Conflict
Conflict is often the theme between ethnic groups and the wider society.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Essay Question: Notes

Create your own versions of this for every exam question that has been set so far.This shouldn't take too long. You don't need to format it as I have done - apply your own style. 

It is important that you do this (you can collaborate with others if you wish), it will enable you to understand the wording of questions and feel more confident in the exam.

Monday, 11 April 2016

This is what an 'A' grade blog looks like - Hannah Franks 2016

Click on the image above for an A grade blog. This is the standard you should aspire to if you want full marks.

Note to the Exam Board/ Moderator

Click on the image to read Megan Woofenden's note to the exam board. You'll need to add something similar to your blog.

This is what an 'A' grade blog looks like - Megan Woofenden 2015

This is the standard you all need to achieve to secure an 'A' grade for your research and planning. Courtesy of Megan Woofenden in 12X. Click on the image to access the blog.