The Male Gaze: Images

The Male Gaze-Millie Leader

Majorie Ferguson Gaze Theory (Magazines)

The Male Gaze-Wonderbra Cadbury Spoof and Original Version

Dredd: Example Essay (Lauren Bolton)

Essay: Why Did Dredd Flop At The Box Office?

Dredd Research Task

Common Stereotypes Task (12Y)

Representation Task: Skins (12Y)

Judge Dredd

Dredd-I Am The Law

Dredd (2012) Trailer

Judge Dredd (1995) Trailer

The Raid (2012) Trailer

12Y: Work To Do

French Film Club

The Question

The British Film Industry and America's Influence

Representation: Lester Burnham

Film Production

Reading (12X)

Audience and Institutions-the 7 Key Concept Areas Listed And Explained

The Man 2

12W (Period 1)