Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Band Profile: Passonfontaine by Julia Harvey

Band Profile

Name: Passonfontaine
Music Style: Guitar, Synths, Vocal, Indie/ Alternative.
Influences: Alternative- The xx, Passion Pit, James Blake.
                 Drone/ synthesiser/ electronic- Kraftwerk,
Members: Female (vocals)- vocals similar to Florence Welch, Alice Glass, haunting, distorted voice.
                Male (guitar/ vocals): James Blake style, repeated riffs, hooks.
                Male (synthesiser): reminiscent of Passion Pit and Kraftwerk's sound.


(Only two members on front to avoid overcrowding)

Style: Female: Dark eye make-up, dishevilled hair, fringe, red lips, buttoned up shirt.
         Male 1: Hat, t-shirt, denim jacket over tee.
         Male 2: Glasses, t-shirt, black hoody worn open, scruffy hair.


The Face