Gender Stereotypes

12Z/MS1 - Film case study

Character Roles - Vladimir Propp

Narrative codes


Representation Of Gender

Textual Analysis and Representation

12Y/MS1 - Film case study

Roland Barthes - Narrative Codes

Distribution - What is it?

12Y - Essay 3 Deadline (Monday 28th November)

Cross Media Convergence & Synergy

Media ownership

Essay Question 3: Media Ownership

12Z/MS1 - work to do (Tuesday 22nd November)

Work To Do (12V/MS1 - Monday 21st November)

Essay 2 - exemplar extract

Essay 2 Deadline

Essay 2

10 films with amazing marketing campaigns (Ex Machina excerpt) by Meg

Mark Ritson: The innovative, brilliant marketing for Ex Machina deserves praise, not negativity

Film piracy 2

Film piracy

Marketing Star Wars

Disney as a conglomerate

DNA TV Limited

12Y Work to do

Year 12 Media Student Voice

Ex Machina press kit

Exemplar essay by Stephanie Colderick

Avengers Assemble Research

DNA Films - Twenty Questions

The Big Six

Ex Machina Review