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The British Film Industry 30 Questions

The World's End Notes

The King's Speech Case Study

The King's Speech-Eleanor Watson's Case Study

The King's Speech Notes

The King's Speech (2010) UK Trailer

Colin Firth Winning The Best Actor Oscar 2011

The King's Speech Review-Empire

The King's Speech (2010) Trailer

Film Industry Statistics

Essay Question Help-UK films urged to be more 'mainstream' in new report (January 2012)

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Essay Question

Audience and Institution Exam Questions 2009-2013


Film Distribution

Guide to film distribution

Kill List Review by Philip French

The Seven Key Areas of Audience and Institutions - Star Trek Into Darkness

The Seven Areas of Representation (12X)

Disability-individual and social models

Use of disabled stereotypes

Laura Mulvey and The Male Gaze

The Male Gaze- Tubechopped video (Ciara-Love Sex Magic)

Specsavers 'Lynx Effect' advert

Aero Bubbles advert

Countdown-Rachel Riley

The Male Gaze

Eva Mendes Calvin Klein advert

Freddie Ljungberg Calvin Klein advert

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Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness

Skins Series One Episode One (12X)

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12V Media Lessons Timetable (Wednesday 18th-Wednesday 25th September)

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Understanding Film (Holly Armitage)

Understanding Film (Sanjay Patel)

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