AS Foundation Portfolio Brief

Christmas 50: Textual Analysis And Representation

Distribution - Ex Machina, Mad Max and Kill List

What impact does media ownership have upon the range of products available to audiences in the media area you have studied?

12W & 12X: Work To Do (2nd-10th December)

Representation of Sexuality-The Street

Digital Distribution


Marketing - Prints And Adverts



What Is Distribution?

Representation of Sexuality Research

Representation Of Class & Status

Improving Your Essay

January 2013 Examiners' Report (Film)

Ben Wheatley on A Field In England

A Field In England (2013) Trailer

Mark Kermode Reviews Kill List

Kill List : Interview With Ben Wheatley

Kill List research

Kill List (2011) Dir. Ben Wheatley

Kill List (2011) Trailer

European Economic Area (EEA)

The British Film Industry: Match the explanation to the institution (Answers)

Th British Film Industry BFI Link

The British Film Industry

What Class Are You?

Class & Status

What Class Are You?

How To Do The Exam

TV Drama Suggestions

Representation of Ethnicity

Representation of Ethnicity

TV Drama-Generic Conventions

Representations of Ethnicity-Theory

Mad Max: Fury Road Research - 100 Facts

Mad Max Fury Road: Choreographing Complex Stunts & Car Chases | Design FX

Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed… Again [Updated]

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Production Delayed

‘Mad Max 4′ Will Be Shot Using ‘Revolutionary’ 3D Tech

Summer Movie Piracy Rises: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Tops 2015 Downloads

Mad Max 4 to be Retrofitted with 3D?

Do You Realize Mad Max: Fury Road Is A Miracle?

Three different types of reboot