Friday, 19 October 2012

Half-Term Homework: Media Convergence Essay (12A & 12C)

Q: How is Media Convergence important for audiences and Institutions?

The sample essay in the previous post should help you with a structure and also the content. Remember to write about Attack The Block, Kick-Ass and the film you researche individually.

The question applies to this area from the specification:

  • the importance of cross media convergence and synergy in production, distribution and marketing; (how do companies work together to produce, distribute and publicize a film? How can Disney use their size to promote and publicise a film? How can small companies work together to promote their business' when making and promoting a film?)
  • The Hunger Games Presentation by Holly Armitage (12A)

    Wednesday, 17 October 2012

    Film Editing

    Continuity –The viewer should not notice the cuts, and shots should flow together naturally. Hence, the sequence of shots should appear to be continuous.

    Hollywood Montage - a "montage sequence" is a short segment in a film in which narrative information is presented in a condensed fashion.

    Soviet Montage - This style of editing has two functions. The highly political soviet style of the 1920’s which sought to create a new meaning out of seemingly unconnected shots. The audience are very aware of the ‘cuts’.

    Transitions - A ‘transition’ is the term for how an editor moves from one ‘shot’ to another. The use of an inappropriate transition can destroy the mood or pace of a scene.

    As we watch the following transitions write down what you think the effect on the audience is.

    Cross Cutting/parallel editing - Editing that alternates shots of two or more lines of action occurring in different places, usually simultaneously.

    A Dissolve - A transition between two shots during which the first image gradually disappears while the second image gradually appears.

    Match On Action

    Thursday, 11 October 2012

    12A & 12C Case Study

    Your next task is to choose your own film, research that film and compose a Prezi with your findings. Base your research and subsequent presentation on the 12 areas of filmmaking and more importantly the 7 areas from the specification.

    Your film must be from within the last five years (earliest release date September 2007).

    You will present your findings to the class next week. Each presentation needs to be about five minutes long.

    In the comments section below please add your full name, class and film choice. If someone from the same class has already indicated a preference for a film then you need to pick an alternate title. I don't want any repetition.

    Wednesday, 10 October 2012

    Sound Terminology (12D)

    Find clips (use tube chop to edit them) for the following sound terms:

    • diegetic sound
    • non-diegetic sound
    • synchronous sound
    • asynchronous sound
    • sound effects
    • sound motif
    • sound bridge
    • dialogue
    • voiceover
    • direct address
    • sound perspective

    The clip above is from the Film Alfie (2004) starring Jude Law. This is a great example of direct address.

    The clip above from Casino Royale (2006) starring Daniel Craig has a clear example of a sound motif. From about 2 minutes 38 seconds a motif from the James Bond theme can be heard.